Mojoconf 2015

June 4 - 6 | New York, United States

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Mojoconf 2014 was the most successful Mojolicious conference in the history of mankind, and now we're doing it again. Held in New York, New York, Mojoconf 2015 will consist of training, talks, and wrap up with a hackathon. Afterwards, you'll be ready to head to Salt Lake City to attend YAPC::NA.


June 4th
Mojoconf is offering two great Mojolicious courses for you this year. These courses are a great shortcut to getting the edge you need to create great apps.
June 5th
The core team, contributors, and dedicated Mojolicious users share their knowledge. Do you have something to share? Submit a Talk!
June 6th
Working together to create great products with Mojolicious is what this conference is all about. Join us!


This year, we have both individual and corporate sponsorships available. Go to the Sponsoring page for details!


Mojoconf 2015 will be held at The Houston Street Center in lower Manhattan.


We're still working out all our speakers, but we've already gotten the following lined up:

Sebastian Reidel (sri)
Marcus Ramberg (marcus)
Glen Hinkle (tempire)
Joel Berger (jberger)
Jan Henning Thorsen (batman)


Mojoconf offers exclusive training for Mojolicious with an intensive full-day training course. Class size is limited, so that each attendee has access to personalized instruction.

Mojoconf is offering two great courses for you this year. Whether you need to modernize those pesky legacy apps, or take your existing Mojolicious apps to the next level, we have you covered.

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Nostalgic for last year's conference? The Mojoconf 2014 site is still available.